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Posted:  09 Mar 2012 17:17  
New Rockafillers™ at NewPro

Rockafillers™ plastic river rocks are now available in four colors: black, espresso, greystone, and white.

One box of Rockafillers™ will cover 5.5 square feet of surface area, making it an ideal top dressing. When compared to real river rocks by weight, Rockafillers™ will cover 2.5 times more area.

Despite their plastic make-up, all varieties of Rockafillers are green! Each is molded from shredded, recycled DVDs and DVD cases.

If you have ever had a complaint of mold causing stress with your customer, then Rockafillers are a good alternative to moss. The Fire Marshall will likely be less critical of Rockafillers than of moss dressing, as well.

Read more and review pricing at NewProContainers.com or download a PDF info sheet by clicking here.

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