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Posted:  28 Jul 2011 18:10  
We have a new online course that you can use for tech meetings and individual training.  "Dracaenas: The Foundation of Interiorscapse" will pay for itself with the first Janet Craig you don't have to replace!

The course is split into 3 sessions and takes about one hour total for all 3 sessions.  It covers the problems that effect Dracaenas such as tip burn, fluoride damage, interveinal chlorosis, Xanthomans and pests; how Dracaenas are grown; how to water and trim; plus over 30 varieties.

Each session includes a narrated PowerPoint flash presentation; handouts; graded quizzes; virtual classroom for discussion and access to yours truly via email.

You can access it at any time and use it on your own schedule.  For tech meetings just use a digital projector.  You can pause anywhere in the presentation for discussion and demonstrations to make it more interesting.  We have priced it at Unlimited Viewing so you can train as many techs as you want per branch office at one amazing price.

For a sneak preview and more info go to http://jfaconsultingbiz.com/training/online-l ...

Thanks so much,
Kathy Fediw

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