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Posted:  10 Feb 2011 21:44  
Hi, my name is Jose Manuel Victoria and I'm the owner creator of Jardines Terracol. We are a husband and wife team specializing in interior plant decor. After 3 years of testing our idea we have finally launched ourselves into this project with 100% commitment to its success. We feel and hope to receive lots of feedback from other professional regarding our product. We design living murals for interior decorating that are sure to win over a lot of admiration. They are colorful and very decorative in the home. Since we are new, I hope we are posting this in the right location, if not, any guidance is surely welcomed. We welcome all questions, advice, and/or any comments that will teach us how to reach our target market.

Best regards,
Jose Manuel Victoria
Posted:  10 Feb 2011 23:39  
How do we contact you?
Posted:  11 Feb 2011 14:34  

Welcome to the community!  This is certainly a great place to look for feedback and interest in your product.  Please post your website address so we can take a look, or add some photos to this site for our inspection.

Posted:  13 Feb 2011 06:05  
I'd love to write a blogpost about that if you're up for it. love to hear more about your work, if you think its a trend, your techniques, get some photos vid, sounds intriguing mikem (at) newprocontainers.com
Posted:  18 Nov 2011 04:27  
Hi to all. Been absent for very long but will be visiting regularly from now on. We have uploaded a photo of one of our murals for viewing. hope you enjoy and we welcome feedback. looking forward to uploading many more and growing the business.
Posted:  18 Nov 2011 07:10  
Went to your web site. One hell of an idea. I believe that they should be a really great hit. Have not seen anything like this, and that is in over 40 years in the business.

Rick W.
Posted:  19 Nov 2011 21:36  
Thank you Rick for the feedback. Really excited about the business and so far he response from those who have seen them in person has been amazing! Will post more photos as we finish assembly. Currently building 15 in various sizes. Thanks again, your comments are inspiring!

Jose V.
Posted:  27 Jan 2012 18:45  
Cool twist on the portable living wall idea!
Posted:  01 Aug 2012 15:13  
I wonder whether freetranslation.com will soon have an option for translating Alien23 into English...

Posted:  04 Aug 2012 16:27  
I'd love to take a crack at translating this into plain English, but my hourly rate is high.


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