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Posted:  14 Feb 2015 23:40  

First time uploading photo, if someone can tell me how to turn it into a pic That would be great. Left riki cane in perfect condition, came back two weeks later with this on several leaves. I have two of them, other one is fine. They are in well lit lobby, not in direct sun, double door entrance so cant be cold damage. Any clues? Thanks
Posted:  15 Feb 2015 04:06  
Hard to say for sure, but it does resemble mesophyll cell collapse that is sometimes seen after loss of climate control in refrigerated trailers shipping from Florida or plants shipped in hot weather.  You'll see this sort of browning/collapse of the tissues when a plant is taken from the production area/field, moved to the shipping dock, sleeved/boxed and sits there waiting for the trailer to be loaded for an extended period of time.  Bromeliads are notorious for this, especially Achmea fasciata and other similar cultivars.

How long have these been on the job site?  You might want to place a maximum/minimum thermometer in the neighborhood of the plant to see whether there might be some off-hours activity (furniture moving, floor stripping, etc.) in which the doors are being propped open for periods of time to air out the space faster before the next business day.  We've had that happen to us recently.  Could also be a chemical toxicity symptom (cleaning liquids or sprays, especially floor strippers, will do that kind of damage).

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