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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Plants / What are these yellow spots on my palm?!
Posted:  22 Mar 2014 22:45  
Hey there,
  I work in an aquarium and have these sunken, yellow spots on a lot of my palms that I just can NOT figure out! A fungus of some sort? The leaves also have some scale, but the spots seem to be something separate from the scale. And no, it's not spider mites. Help!

........ Aaaaand I'm TRYING to upload some photos I took, but when I hit the "Add Your Photo" button it just says that I haven't added any photos yet. I know!
Posted:  24 Mar 2014 02:27   Last Edited By: Clem 
First, to upload photos to the site, click on the "My Pics" link in the green bar near the top of this page.  It will take you here:

http://www.interiorscape.com/index.php?a=imag ...

At that screen, you can upload photos from your drive, and they will be saved on this site.  You can then post a message from the regular forum page, and to include the photos, click the "Add Your Photo" button above the Message window, then select the photos you have uploaded before you Post your Reply.

Sunken, yellow spots on palms can have several causes, but most often are due to a fungal infection of some kind.  Here is a useful article from the U of Florida database:


On a related note, I just came across the sad news (belatedly) that Dr. Henry Donselman ("the Palm Doc"), who was a renowned expert on palms, their culture, diseases, nutrition, and uses, passed away in January of 2012.  I had the pleasure of recommending and introducing Dr. Donselman at the Mid-Atlantic Interior Landscape Conference some years back, and his website was a wonderful resource for interiorscapers, nurserymen and landscapers who use palms in their work.  Here is a link to his obituary:

http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/lajollalight ...

However, although his website has been disabled since his passing, we can still access the invaluable information (if not all the photos) via The Wayback Machine (www.web.archive.org), where you can search the URL:


and still view the archived remnants of his site from years ago.  Well worth visiting.
Posted:  24 Mar 2014 16:51  
Also, what type of palms have the spots?  That might help narrow it down to a specific ailment.  Post photos and let's have a look.
Posted:  07 Aug 2014 09:25  
I don't see any photos on here? it must be a pain to upload… maybe just saying...
Posted:  07 Aug 2014 21:06  
Not a pain, but you can just as easily access photos online at your leisure.  The links I gave have pics.

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