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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Plants / Water Storing Crystals?
Posted:  03 Feb 2012 18:44  
Do any of you guys use this? Why or why not?

Posted:  03 Feb 2012 21:38  
The polyacrylamide gels ("hydrogels") are useful for exterior container plantings in sunny areas, both to minimize stress on the plantings and to reduce maintenance frequency.  Use them indoors at your own risk.  If judiciously applied to potting media when repotting or up-potting, they can be helpful, but they must be used sparingly to avoid over-saturating the medium with waterlogged gel.

We use TerraSorb and SoilMoist.  SoilMoist is available in spikes that can be pushed into existing growing media of finished plants to create little reservoirs of water in the root zone.  The granular forms of both products need to be mixed into potting media.


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