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Posted:  17 Aug 2012 20:22  
Where can I get some of the red and pink ones? The company's I deal with have only 2 kinds and they are mostly green with a little pink or red.
I need the bright red ones.
Posted:  17 Aug 2012 20:50  
Don't know where you are located.  John Mendozza of Morning Dew Tropicals carries some. 1-800-360-6969.  You can go on his website and look at the Plant Gallery to see if they are what you have in mind. www.morningdewtropical.com

Posted:  18 Aug 2012 00:45  
Not many growers are messing with these.  They have a bad reputation for high crop failure rates, being a super-tropical (high heat, high humidity, good air circulation, bright light and perfect drainage) not many generations removed from the wild species.  Surprisingly, Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses (Exotic Angel Plants) does offer them in their 6" foliage mix to the big box stores in some parts of the country (I saw them in Florida, but wasn't taking a chance on getting them back to NJ in one piece at the prices they were charging for them at Lowe's), but I contacted them recently about purchasing some straight cases of the Thai Ags and they weren't interested in selling them that way.

Try Morning Dew, and be sure to speak with John if you can to get some culture tips.  He will give you the straight dope on these fussy little beauties.


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