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Posted:  27 Jan 2011 03:45  
I have been caring for some Thai Aglaonemas in my home to test out before using them in my corporate accounts.  They don't appear to drink too much water.  Yet what I read online states the opposite.  So, far the plants are doing and looking fine after 6 months.

Does anybody have more advice on them with regards to using them in offices?
Posted:  28 Jan 2011 16:11  
In the past, with some of the earlier colorful Thai Aglaonema hybrids, the growers in Florida reported difficulty with getting them to finish the production phase in satisfactory condition to ship to customers.  There were reports of poor rooting, temperature sensitivity, and the need for very high humidity levels and very coarse growing media for the plants to even survive the process.  These were given as reasons why we weren't seeing them much in the trade.

Recently, though, they are appearing more and more, little by little, in the availabilities of growers and brokers in Florida.  I don't know of anyone who is actually using them here in the north, but your favorable report is certainly encouraging.  Can you share more info about what cultivars, pot sizes, and growing conditions you have?

Posted:  02 Feb 2011 04:34  
I have one of these Thai Aglaonemas in a 6" pot.  I have had it for 6 months and it has lost maybe one leaf.  Extremely durable, keeps it color in low light, grows slow (which is why it is not readily availabe) and likes it on the dry side.  I highly recommend the plant and it would work well in color displays. Not sure of the variety I have/photos/8809_20110201193131_L.jpg
Posted:  03 Feb 2011 03:45  
I am trying out 1 x 8" "Tropical Garnet" and 3 x 6" of the one above, too.  Same thing.  I barely water them and they like both bright light and medium light.  I haven't tried them in low light.

This month I put the 4" size in my dish gardens; so, they will be in medium to low light for a month.  The dish gardens look gorgeous!  The variety I used has vivid red on the edge of the leaf.  Yummy!

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