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Posted:  04 Dec 2014 23:14  
We have several clients that love succulent bowls and we now care for several of them. To our chagrin, we have what seems to be a large number of succulent plants in these arrangements that seem to die after about a month or two.

Some seem to be too wet, some seem to be too dry. We take them all out of their pots and plant them in our mixture of potting soil, perlite and gravel.  It could be the change in season and everybody's heat going on, but we just aren't sure. Anybody have a magic touch with succulents?
Posted:  06 Dec 2014 06:12  
Your planting mix sounds fine.  Many succulents need a lot of sun to do well and look their best, otherwise they get soft and prone to rots and stretch or otherwise deviate from their natural forms and colors.  At least a half-day of natural sunlight (preferably direct) is best for the vast majority of succulents, and even more for cacti.  If the plants you are combining in your bowls have different potting mixes in their original pots, that could be why some seem too dry and some too wet on your watering regimen.  Try to remove as much of the original medium as possible without damaging roots too much, then repot into slightly moist medium and don't water heavily for a week or two until any damaged roots heal.  Watering plants with damaged root systems is a sure bet to cause losses due to root rot.
Posted:  11 Dec 2014 17:40  
Here's a quick care guide and infographic on our blog about succulents...

http://www.newprocontainers.com/blog/succulen ...

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