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Posted:  10 May 2011 18:19  
Installing some containers with tropicals outside an office building.  First time doing this.  What is the best soil mix to use?
Posted:  11 May 2011 05:46  
Depends on maintenance interval...if you will be visiting the site to water only once or twice a week, select a soilless mix with a hydrogel to extend the water-holding capacity of the medium and prevent wilting.  If more often or on some sort of automatic irrigation system (or subirrigation), a soilless mix with extra aggregate (perlite) will be best.  Mixes with a lot of organic matter (compost, topsoil, humus, etc.) are best for long-term plantings like hardy shrubs and perennials.  Because your seasonal plantings will likely be fertilized weekly when watered to promote best bloom, the enhanced organic content is unnecessary.


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