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Posted:  24 Jan 2017 11:43  
Hello all,
I love to maintain garden. We have a garden in my backyard. Recently I have started maintaining an interior garden. I am growing my favorite flowers in my interior garden. My exterior garden mainly consists of vegetation and few flowering plants. Normally many animals and birds used to play around in my exterior garden.Last day I was cooking in the kitchen and suddenly I heard some noise and felt some stinky smell in my interior garden. I went to check what happened and I found a spotted skunk in my garden. I didn't know that spotted skunks can climb walls until I saw it inside my garden.
I have heard the few wild skunks can spread rabies, So due to the fear of getting bitten, I didn't go near it. I just closed the door and waited for my husband. Then with the help of my husband we somehow chased it away. But it got into my garden today too. What shall I do?? I called my husband and he told me that he'll call humane skunk removal service http://removethewild.com/services/skunks/ . If you know any other temporary solution, please let me know??

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