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Posted:  21 Apr 2015 22:26  
I have 4-17" Rhapis that the leaves are turning lime green.  Is there any thing I can use to help green them up.
Posted:  22 Apr 2015 08:02  

Use nutricote, a time release fertilizer, every 5-6 months, to keep your rhapis deep green.

Ashley Stockdale
Kohala Nursery
Premium Hawaiian Rhapis & Kentia Palms
Posted:  22 Apr 2015 21:46  
Nutricote is a useful fertilizer for production growing, but in the interiorscape, you really have to be careful about applying controlled-release products like Nutricote or Osmocote.  You can build up quite a concentration of soluble salts in the medium, especially if the plants cannot be leached periodically. 

It sounds as though your Rhapis may be suffering from an iron deficiency, but it's impossible to diagnose without seeing them and without doing a soil and leaf tissue test for iron.  You may not be deficient in soil iron, but a deficiency within the palms could also be due to waterlogged soil, which prevents the palm from taking up iron and nitrogen, or from a soil pH issue which does the same thing.  It could also result from the palms having been planted too deeply, that is, deeper than the original grade in their container when they arrived from the production nursery.

You could try chelated iron supplementation without fear of doing damage if you follow the label directions closely.  It may take some time for the symptoms to diminish, but it should work within a few months.  However, if it's a soil compaction/drainage issue, that will need to be addressed first.
Posted:  19 May 2015 20:38  
thanks for the suggestion.

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