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Posted:  19 Sep 2012 23:26  
We have a living wall that has a small thrips population that we have managed to keep under control with natural products. Has anyone had success with Amblyseius cucumeris or Orius insidiosus?
Posted:  20 Sep 2012 01:50  
No experience with thrips control with these bugs, so sorry I can't help there.  Living walls present problems with pest control because of (1) vertical surfaces make pesticide applications difficult, and (2) planting density makes it hard for sprays to get good coverage.

However, if you go the pesticide route, Marathon II, while pricey, works fast and thoroughly on thrips and because it's trans-laminar in its action (it moves from the upper leaf surface through the leaf to the lower leaf surface), spray coverage isn't much of an issue.  It will wipe out the thrips within a couple of days in most cases, even heavy infestations.

Posted:  12 Apr 2013 22:35  
cucumeris feed only on immature thrip stages, so it will take some time to realy have a lasting effect on the thrip populaton you cols also try lacewing larvae

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