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Posted:  20 Oct 2015 23:21  
What type of pre-treatment are any of you doing on your plants prior to install?  Does anyone drench w/ beneficial nematodes along with a systemic fungicide/insecticide.  If so, has this had a positive impact on acclimating new plants and replacement cost?  What are you using?
Posted:  22 Oct 2015 17:40  
I'm sure Clem will respond soon. You may want to join our private Facebook group. There's more active users that will immediately respond there... https://www.facebook.com/groups/interiorscape/
Posted:  23 Oct 2015 16:05  
Technically and legally, unless the product label states specifically that it may be used to PREVENT infestation as a pre-treatment (on cuttings or seedlings in a propagation greenhouse, for instance), you really can't use a registered pesticide in the absence of actual pests.

That said, you do have other options.  You can pre-treat the soil with nematodes to prevent any fungus gnat larvae from becoming breeding adult gnats, and that's always worth the cost and effort.  You can also spray with Ultrafine Oil at the leafshine rate (which just happens to be the same rate as the low end pesticide rate for the product) as part of your prep of the plants before they go onto the accounts, and that will both shine the plant and kill any straggler pests that could be on it (it has no residual effect on pests, but at least you can be pretty sure the plants are clean when they leave your facility).

You could apply some predators on the plants when they're shipped out, but in the absence of any prey, they will likely starve to death before they can do any work later on when pests might appear.

Your strategy should be to source the plants from a known reputable nursery that will give you assurances that your plants are clean when they arrive at your facility.  Then be sure that any space where you hold and prep plants for installation is kept free of infested plants from your own stocks, and also that the spaces where they will be installed don't already contain (or have not recently contained) infested plants.  That includes recently disposed plants that might have left behind some "legacy" stragglers: eggs, larvae or adults in/underneath the planters, carpeting, partition panels, upholstery, etc.

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