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Posted:  13 Jan 2015 07:17  
For those of you who manage color additions to interiorscapes I am wondering what percentage of your business you provide color arrangements? For example I included a picture of a Thanksgiving arrangement I made for a client using orchids and bromeliands.  Thanks! Amber/photos/10023_20150112221310_L.jpg
Posted:  14 Jan 2015 02:55  
It's a spotty thing, Amber.  We have probably a third of our accounts on quarterly Bromeliad rotations, one client on weekly fresh floral, and one on periodic orchid rotations.  Some past rotation clients have converted to permanent foliage or semi-permanent color programs for cost reasons.  There's a lot of potential for it, but price point is the main determining factor.  Try to build it into your total monthly rate so it's not as susceptible to budget-cutters who see it as a separate line item they can lop off.
Posted:  14 Jan 2015 08:19  
Okay great! That is helpful!!  Appreciate the heads up as I expand my offerings. Best, Amber
Posted:  14 Jan 2015 08:22  
Clem I forgot to ask where you are located (East Coast/West Coast)? Helpful to know, again, thanks!!
Posted:  15 Jan 2015 23:16  
Central/northern New Jersey, but we are also a grower/wholesaler that services customers from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to upstate New York to Long Island and New York City.

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