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Posted:  05 Mar 2016 04:55  
I have a client with a large, unobstructed south-facing window who wants an ornamental citrus in the 5-foot range. Although I have decades of interior experience, I have never cared for a large Citrus.

I am seeking some experienced, professional advice on care requirements, including potential problems such as pests, and fruit drop. How long does the fruit typically last and what are the chances of getting fruit in the future. I only want to go into this venture fully informed so I can price it out accordingly.

I am seeking direct professional interiorscape experience with these, not care requirements gleaned second-hand from online sources or nursery growers.

Thnaks in advance for sharing your experience and wisdom.
Posted:  30 Mar 2016 20:33  
Hi Will, I grow a couple of citrus in south facing windows. They seem pretty easy to care for, although definitely needing weekly watering rather than any longer. They both grew from pips planted by inquisitive clients in the pots of other plants (a warneckii and a Ficus benjamina) and actually grew better than the original plants, so I cut these down and kept the ficus. I have not had pest problems but know they can be very susceptible to mealybugs. These plants have never flowered, maybe because they were grown from pips,so   Can't comment on fruiting potential, although lodged somewhere in the back of my mind is the necessity for chilling in the winter to set fruit. One of these citrus trees was actually found growing in poor artificial light, where the warneckii was failing. Hope that helps!

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