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Posted:  19 Mar 2016 22:00  
I'm bidding on a property that uses a large number or orchids in their design.  I have used orchids once in a while for events etc. But never had them used all year long.  Anyone have any recommendation on how often I should rotate these?  Also, do you know of any good suppliers in the Midwest?

Posted:  20 Mar 2016 18:03  
Can't help you with suppliers, but there are literally dozens, if not scores, of orchid growers, mostly Taiwanese, producing mass quantities of Phalaenopsis for the wholesale market, so you should try Googling that in your area. 

Rotations can last anywhere from 2 weeks to four months or longer, depending on the environment, the stage of development of the buds and blooms at the time of installation, the quality of maintenance given the plants, and the individual cultivars used.  Phalaenopsis are the most commonly used in interiorscape work because they are inexpensive, give a lot of bang for the buck, and tend to last a long time in almost any environment.

I would suggest a 6-week rotation cycle until you've established a history with each account and the amount of useful life your orchids will give you at each, and at different seasons of the year (heating season can reduce bloom life significantly).  That's a good middle ground, and then you can adjust your rotation schedules from there once you have some actuarial experience charting their performance at each account.
Posted:  20 Mar 2016 22:09  
Thanks Clem! That was a lot of great information.

And I did find a good supplier in my area.  I'm planning a visit to hopefully learn more!

Posted:  26 Mar 2016 00:29  
Happy to help.  It always amazes me how uniform the quality is among lots of these Taiwanese orchid growers, no matter where in the U. S. you find them operating.  It's almost as if there's a bunch of molds in a factory in Taipei producing these plants like an assembly line.  Which is great for us interiorscapers and wholesalers, because the product is reliably great quality almost all the time.
Posted:  28 May 2016 14:15  
Happy to read!

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