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Posted:  27 Apr 2013 08:39  
Say one had an atrium area with side skylights/windows six floors up with little artificial lighting; what would you choose for trees? F. alii or Arboricola standards? No palms. What supplier would have nice shade acclimated product? I'd be looking at 14" material for 28" white lechuza Clasicos. 17" material isn't an option as one tree will end up being over $450 by the time it's delivered. From a design perspective, would pairs of 17" Clasicos OR 16" Rondos look better with one of the Bay ags between the trees (tree .. pot.pot .. tree .. pot.pot .. tree .. pot.pot and on and on)
Posted:  27 Apr 2013 13:27  
Sounds dim.  Arbs and Aliis will thin out within a relatively short period of time if the light is as low as it sounds from your description.  Why not invest in a GE light meter and take some readings (AM, noon, late afternoon) and get back to us with numbers?  Word descriptions are not always an accurate method of conveying light levels to a remote third-party via the internet.  The we can give you some help with what will grow there.  As for design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and only you know what your client might like.

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