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Posted:  09 Mar 2011 20:41  
We will have a large tree 20' to install in a new facility in a couple of months. My question is if anyone knows where I can rent a gantry crane to hoist it into the container. I have called several of the equipment rental companies in town to no avail. It is too specialized of a piece of equipment for them. Any advise would be helpful.
Posted:  09 Mar 2011 20:56  
If you can't find another plantscaper in your area to rent it from, try to figure out where the local garages get theirs.  They use them when they pull engines...maybe they will even rent theirs to you.

Just a thought...never tried it.

Posted:  09 Mar 2011 23:50  
We used an engine hoist with gantry to install some 18 ft. tall Foxtail Palms in an airport once.  One of our contractor buddies had one and loaned us the use of the equipment and his crew to help with the install.  It's not necessarily a one-person operation, that's for sure, even with the help of the gantry.

Primescape used to sell them (about $4K I think), but you should be able to rent one from a larger industrial equipment rental place, usually found along the service road next to the interstate...any interstate!


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