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Posted:  28 Apr 2011 22:50  
I have Kentia's in a north hudge window area.  It is going on 8 weeks, adjustment over, but things are starting to go south.  Air vents blow directly on them (gently) they are in an enclosed pool area with 70% + humidity.  I water (avg.) every third week a good soaking. I don't water till pot is light enough to pick up.  Now I am getting bent stems, some before the leaves, some after.  Some fronds turning crappy yellow color.  What's up?
Posted:  29 Apr 2011 07:07  
A picture is worth a thousand words. Email me a couple pictures & I will try and see what is your problem. Click on my name above and you will find my email.
Rick W.
Posted:  29 Apr 2011 16:38  
Very kind of you, Rick.  If anyone knows Kentia problems, it's you, I'm sure.

Posted:  29 Apr 2011 17:31  
The photos will show the symptoms, but not necessarily the source of the problem.  The combination of loss of turgor (water pressure in cells, basically) in palm rachis (petiole or stalk) tissues causing bending of the stalk, plus yellowing of leaves leads me to think along the lines of dehydration.  Watering every three weeks in a possibly hot pool enclosure, despite high humidity, may not be enough.  I would suggest unpotting, looking at the soil ball to see whether it is evenly and thoroughly moistened a few days after irrigation, and also checking root health...sometimes root rot will cause symptoms that mimic underwatering, because the roots are no longer healthy and functioning to take up water from the medium and the plant continuously loses water with no way to take any into its tissues.

Posted:  29 Apr 2011 22:23  
It will be next week before I will be able to take a picture.  Thanks, Rick.

Clem, I too have wondered if I have not been getting enough water on then.  Part of my procedure has included lifting them to see how heavy they are.  I failed to say these are 17" material.  If I can't lift, they are wet enough.  I always water till runoff but wonder if there are dry pockets within the root ball???   The last couple of times I used hot water thinking it would help absorbsion.  Also this is not a hot enviroment.  The cieling must be 20+ feet and it is quite lovely in there.  No clorine, natural products only.  Thanks for the response, hope we can solve my problem.
Posted:  30 Apr 2011 01:01  
The hot water may not have helped matters...how hot is hot?  If over 120 degrees F, you may have done irreversible damage to tender root tips and root hairs, which are the parts that do most of the absorption of water and nutrients.  If you feel that the medium may not be wetting evenly, you can try firming the mix around the circumference of the pot to eliminate large air pockets and voids where water may find an easy way out without soaking into the medium, and/or adding a wetting agent to your water. 

17" pot Kentias can actually dry FASTER than smaller pots if the plant itself is overgrown in proportion to its root system.  But again, I would pull the rootballs out of the containers and do a hands-on inspection.  If the roots are brown and mushy and have a foul odor when unpotted, root rot may be the problem.  The plant could be dehydrating due to loss of root function.

Posted:  02 May 2011 18:59  
Ok, I used pretty warm water--it is easier to get a dry rootball moisten that way, so No, I don't think I did damage in any way.  I do plan on knocking it out next week to see what is going on.  I'll report later!

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