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Posted:  15 Nov 2016 16:36  
I have a large Adonidia to install, replacing a Ficus (direct planted.)
My question is...once I cut the Ficus down, any suggestions how
to tackle the root ball?
It was direct planted in a 36" round planter (raised) and it's approx
20' tall. Big tree! I'm worried about not clearing enough way for
this Adonidia.
Any suggestions appreciated!
Posted:  14 Jan 2017 20:39  
Buy, rent or borrow a Sawz-all (reciprocating saw) with woodcutting blades.  Use that to cut through the roots to extricate the trunk(s) first, then dig out as much of the old root system (at least the thicker support roots anyway) as you can before you plant.

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