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Posted:  14 Jan 2016 22:05  
I have a couple of interior planter beds that we are looking to put ground cover on that doesn't need a ton of light. Any suggestions of variety? The client keeps mentioning sedum but I don't see that doing too well indoor.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Posted:  15 Jan 2016 17:17  
I'm a fan of moss. It looks great. I believe you can get live or preserved varieties. Inhabitat did an awesome post on moss walls featuring Joe Zazzera of Plant Solutions.

http://inhabitat.com/moss-walls-the-newest-tr ...

Posted:  20 Jan 2016 04:26  
Depends on the light available.  You can use the humble Pothos or Philodendron to achieve a fast-growing groundcover, but maintaining it will be problematical if the bed is very deep (wide), because you can't walk on it.  Same goes for creeping fig, which gives a finer texture but can be a maintenance headache because of its millions of tiny leaves that will turn yellow when they age.  I'd opt for areas (swathes) of greenery planted in islands among a non-living topdressing like ProToast hardwood chips.

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