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Posted:  29 Aug 2012 14:39  
I was wondering if someone could please help me figure out how many bags of soil I will need for some built in planters. This type job is new to me and i just want make sure I get the right among of material. One planter measures 11' x 4' x 13"deep, and the other is 7' x 2' x 20" deep. The bags of soil are 3.8 cu.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Posted:  02 Sep 2012 04:18  
First, are your "bags" of soil not really 3.8 cf?  That sounds like a compressed bale of ProMix or other growing medium...when un-compressed, that will actually amount to about 7 cf of dry medium.

Next, do some simple math.  The volume of a rectangular solid = length x width x depth.  Convert all measurements to inches, do the multiplication, and divide the total cubic inches by 1,728 to get the number of cubic feet of fill required.  You can finesse it by subtracting the volume of the plants' rootballs if you're going to direct-plant or sink the pots into the medium, but you can skip that step unless you're using a high density of planting or very large rootballs...you'll be sure to have more than enough medium that way.


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