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Posted:  12 Apr 2011 22:08  
Anyone have any experience with Black Olives blooming or rather keeping them from blooming. Awfully messy. Would appreciate any feedback.
Posted:  13 Apr 2011 00:02  
Yes, they are messy when they bloom.  No, I have never heard of a way to stop them from blooming, but who knows?  Someone may have been creative.

Posted:  14 Apr 2011 00:36  
150 ppm sprays of NAA (naphthalene acetic acid), a plant hormone (auxin), combined with a spreader/sticker adjuvant, will inhibit flowering/fruiting in numerous plants.  The timing is crucial, with the first spray being applied just as flowers are budding and opening, with repeat applications possibly required to get complete control of fruiting.  True olives (Olea europea), which the "Black Olive" of interior horticulture is NOT, will respond well to this method, as do oaks, pineapples, and other fruiting plants.  However, this requires a lot of labor (perhaps less than trying to scrub Bucida buceras spawn off of floors, I guess).

Hand-pruning of inflorescences before flowers open is another effective, if also labor-intensive, method of accomplishing the same thing.  If you routinely prune your trees prior to the inflorescences developing to the point where flower buds are evident, you can throw away a large portion of the problem before it happens.

As with raising children, this process takes lots of time and energy, it's backbreaking work, and there's very little money in it.


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