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Posted:  08 Oct 2014 21:06  
A current client of ours has decided they want us to do their plant leasing for a few buildings. We do all their fresh flowers, outdoor planting etc. However, I am not sure how to price out a plant leasing bid. I really could use a formula of some sort.

Thank you,
Posted:  08 Oct 2014 21:59  
Very timely. We literally just published a blog post a few moments ago that covers the topic of large projects. I'm sure Clem would have feedback as well.

Check out this post -  Large Interiorscape Clients
Posted:  10 Oct 2014 15:43  
Would that there were a "magic formula"!  Wouldn't that be nice!

Bidding is based on actual experience, so a novice is at a decided disadvantage.  It all comes down to this:


Remember that from fourth-grade math word problems?

So you really need to break down your true costs for plants, containers, and service, decide what your desired markup/profit margin will be on that cost, and bid accordingly.  And of course, you need to know how much the money you will be investing in the leased products will cost you over the term of the lease.  Estimating labor time and replacements is trickier, because if you've never done this before, you will have only the vaguest idea of how that works.  If you have the opportunity to walk through the accounts and see every plant that is currently in place, you can get an idea of about how long it will take to service each facility, then add on travel time to and from each location, and multiply by your hourly labor rate that you have calculated based on the cost of your labor.  Replacements will typically run between 10% and 20% of the installed cost of the inventory per year.

That's a lot of cipherin' to do...sharpen that pencil and get to work!
Posted:  30 Nov 2014 04:23  
I'm wondering if you're familiar with interior plant care?  Interior care is a lot different from outdoor work, and if you don't have trained techs, you'll be letting yourself in for major problems.  Or am I misunderstanding your situation?

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