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Posted:  29 Sep 2015 23:07  
Hi, I am in the process of working to take over an atrium. They are upset as a tree in there just fell and we are hoping to replace them. Problem is, I have no idea how deep the planter bed in the atrium is. Any one have a suggestion of a tool to get down and figure it out?

Posted:  01 Oct 2015 01:25  
The 4 Atriums i do are all bottomless. The building was built around them. You could maybe use a piece of rebar and hammer.
Posted:  01 Oct 2015 17:39  
The rebar idea would probably work as long as the bed has a bottom and it's of a uniform depth all the way around and across.  You really should dig a hole down to the bottom and see what's going on: is there a drainage layer of stone/gravel?  Is there a concrete or tile bottom?  Is there a drain system?  The building engineer should be able to reference the plans that show what's going on in there.  Some planter beds are converted pools or ponds and so could have tile or concrete bottoms and possibly drains or other plumbing or even electrical cables running through them (ouch!).  Be careful.  Better yet, be informed before you start nosing around underground, outdoors or in.

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