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Posted:  19 Jul 2011 04:32  
I need advice on how to treat twenty Bamboo palms 14" in CWI's already installed in a large office lobby. The plants were installed mid March and we are now fairly certain they have banana moths. We have identified the adult moth and the worms inside the palm stems. Definitely three plants are infected and probably more since they are close together. The foliage damage impact is minimal at this time.

I am leaning toward using beneficial nematode, Steinernema feltiae. My company has not used nematodes for insect control to date so our experience is zero. My concern with nematodes is application especially with the CWI's and how to eradicate the full cycle of moth reproduction from egg to adult.

Advice, please?
Posted:  19 Jul 2011 19:17  
If you have not done so already I would give Mike Cherim a call at Green Methods. He is very knowledgeable and in my experience always willing to discuss any problems and get you to the best solution.
Good Luck!
Posted:  20 Jul 2011 00:07  
Also, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans has a good article on her Buglady Consulting website:


Suzanne recommends a combination of nematodes to control larvae in the soil, plus chemical treatment of adult moths on the plants aboveground.  This is primarily a nursery-oriented pest that occasionally escapes the notice of the folks whose job it is to scout for the pest before it is shipped to you.  Talk to your supplier/grower about replacements if you can't successfully treat the problem before it damages the plants severely.  And, by the way, the grower should pitch in toward the cost of your treatment program in the way of a credit on your next order, for instance.

Posted:  20 Jul 2011 02:27  
Thank you both for your prompt replies! I appreciate the advice and hope to find an effective solution to this potentially costly problem.
Posted:  22 Jul 2011 17:10  
I don't know Mike's technical background, but Suzanne regularly does onsite consultation work with Florida growers.  She has consulted specifically on banana moth problems.


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