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Posted:  27 Mar 2014 19:27  
Hi all, working on a proposal over hear for 18' bamboo. I was wondering what your thoughts are? Would you spray them regularly to prevent spider mite? How often? I've had a few people tell me  they aren't really worth it, especially as I know that I need to cut price in order to get the job. The bamboo are probably about 50% of the contract. Everything else is easy!

As always thanks in advance for letting me pick your brain!
Posted:  28 Mar 2014 02:07  
It depends on the growing conditions in the account where they will be sited.  If it's hot and dry in the winter, expect mites to devastate your plantings.  I'd try to go with replica bamboo if that's the look they insist on having and do live for the rest.  Bamboo will defoliate, shed leaves all over the place, attract mites, get tip burn, etc.
Posted:  05 May 2014 21:17  
Do you have any suggestions for where to source good preserved bamboo?

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