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Posted:  09 May 2013 17:24  
One of my customers would like to add azaleas to her color rotation. I have never used them and would like some advice please.  The area they would be planted is a relatively dark hallway with florescent lights. I'm worried it will be too dark.  Also, if you have used azaleas before, how long to they typically last? And how often do you water?  Any fertilizer needed? 

Posted:  10 May 2013 01:34  
Two weeks generally, three if it's bright and not too warm in the space.  Put them on wicks or Sippers and you can water once a week.  Don't buy cheap local azaleas...get the ones from the Pacific Northwest that are forced for florist use.
Posted:  10 May 2013 05:34  
Thanks Clem.  I appreciate the advice

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