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Posted:  07 Aug 2012 21:23  
I am having trouble with some arborea's. They get installed just fine, but after a couple of months the new growth droops, almost lying down. Older leaves are fine. Maybe too dark? Wet? Dry?
Posted:  07 Aug 2012 22:35  
They are high light.  Sounds like inadequate light to me, from your description.

Posted:  08 Aug 2012 03:04  
we use them successfully in low to medium and high light without any issues. treat them like marganatas. they need to dry down completely
Posted:  08 Aug 2012 03:18  
If they are drooping from the get-go, it could be lack of light.  If they are okay when developing and then get limp, could be a root issue, overwatering, etc.  They will tend to "relax" over time, much like a marginata will, if in dim light.


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