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Posted:  14 Jul 2014 19:57  

I was just wondering if any of y'all have any advice as to why this bird is splitting and this marg getting brown tips like that?

Posted:  14 Jul 2014 20:58  
Really need more info, but the Dracaena marginata looks like too wet. The Strelitzea looks like traffic damage.  They normally split in the winds outside.

Posted:  15 Jul 2014 05:33  
I concur.  The marg probably has root and stem rot due to waterlogged medium in low light.  The bird is exhibiting normal (for this species) leaf shredding due to traffic damage.  Occasionally they will do this as a result of either inadequate soil moisture during unfurling of new leaves or pest infestations within the incipient leaf that cause it to "get stuck" in the process of opening, and because they are "programmed" genetically to "give" under mechanical stress (wind, etc.), they will split along the veins.  Low humidity can cause the leaves to get stuck, and spraying some soapy water along the edges of the unfurling new leaves will sometimes help un-stick them.  There is a thin line of dry tissue along the leaf edge that forms on the new leaves in dry air and prevents them from accomplishing a clean opening, which can result in rolled leaves that only open partially, leaving a pointed spear of unopened leaf above the opened portion of the leaf blade.  To put the "icing" on the cake, you may discover a flocking of mealybugs within the unopened spear when you tease it open manually.  Oh, joy.
Posted:  15 Jul 2014 20:52  
Thank you! The Marg's are actually dry most of the time we arrive to water them, they are definitely in lower light situation.

The Bird was okay at installation and this has happened over the last 6 weeks or so. However they are in a spec suite which seems to be a little dryer than the rest of the building so that part makes sense.

Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 00:26  
both of those plants need to be replaced immediately.

aside from the fact that the marginata looks like the issue is overwatering, whomever is trimming it needs some recurrent training.
Posted:  17 Jul 2014 18:27  
We were at the bird yesterday, gave it 3 gallons 1 week ago (it's 14"), it was dry! So it does seem the spec suite is sucking the water out of it! Only 4 of the  leaves on it are splitting like that, just wanted to nip it before hand, I think charging them to replace at this point seems a little rash...

Thanks for your help folks!!
Posted:  18 Jul 2014 16:07  
I would remove the damaged foliage on the bird for aesthetic reasons.  I would replace the marginata immediately for both aesthetic and plant health reasons.  Are you guaranteeing this foliage at this account?

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