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Posted:  23 Mar 2012 22:39  
I have a stromanthe whose leaves are curling up. Plant looks like it is stunted. The client had her room painted and this occurred afterwards.

Also ficus I had posted about previously continues to have lower leaves dying. As Clem suggested I pruned the top a couple of weeks ago. I have also increased the light and water. Nothing seems to be working. Very little new growth.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be going on with these plants. Thanks
Posted:  24 Mar 2012 03:51  
The ficus will require more time than two weeks to reverse course and show marked improvement...it's a PROCESS, and luckily we're in the right season for it to proceed apace.

Stromanthe are notoriously finicky.  You may be seeing phytotoxic effects of the paint fumes, or maybe it's a coincidence.  They should always be subirrigated...mine is in a Joey Pouch, but anything that maintains constant moisture at the roots without flooding/drying cycles will do.


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