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Posted:  23 Jul 2016 18:40   Last Edited By: designergreens 
Does anyone have any ideas for wording on a replacement guarantee for service days. I want to document that the service day may change due to emergency service calls or installation jobs.
I guarantee weekly or bi-weekly service but, sometimes (for ex.) a Monday account may end up on a Tuesday if I'm at an installation job and it is taking longer than expected or I have an emergency at another account.
Working with live plants, the routine is always changing.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Posted:  25 Jul 2016 22:20  
We have never found it necessary to stipulate in writing what day we will visit each account for service.  Some are more inflexible than others, especially residences, where access is often wholly dependent on housekeepers' schedules and how well they stick to them.  Most office accounts are done on the same day of the week just because that's the day we service a cluster of accounts in that geographical area.  If there's a holiday or inclement weather or other disaster, they simply get pushed back a day or so.  That's why we leave Fridays as a "floater" day, in case the tech needs to schedule something personal (doctor appointment, vacation day, etc.) during the rest of the week.

Our service agreement doesn't stipulate weekly, biweekly or otherwise; we simply state "regular service visits as needed to maintain the plants in a healthy and attractive condition."  The plant replacement guarantee is not a function of what day we visit.
Posted:  26 Jul 2016 03:41  
agree with clem
Posted:  27 Jul 2016 13:59  
Agree with Clem.  I believe that Ambius does the same. If someone is insistent on a specific time or day, that incurs a "stand-alone" price.  They do not get the benefit of you being able to pass along reduced service travel time when combined with other accounts in the area.
Posted:  01 Aug 2016 23:30  
This goes to the issue of "pushy clients".  Reasonable requests that can be managed within your business model and the routing of service that you have carefully considered and put into effect are never a problem.  But insistence on special handling that costs you money is.  Don't be afraid of a client who is overly aggressive and insists on unreasonable accommodations by you and makes no offer of remuneration for your trouble.  Tell them what you charge for special services and let them decide whether or not it's worth it.  Yes, you may lose an account over this once in a while, but it will be rare, and usually those are accounts you'll find you're glad you let go in retrospect.
Posted:  02 Aug 2016 20:05  
Thank for everyone's input. I also, don't guarantee based on the day I visit. But, just thought some explanation was needed. I do like your wording of 'regular service visits as needed to maintain....' Thanks Clem!
Posted:  12 Aug 2016 23:56  
You're very welcome.  I can't take credit for that one, except for passing it along.  I believe it was Barb Helfman's idea to word contracts that way to avoid painting oneself into a corner on service frequency, especially if you have designs on moving to 10-day or 14-day service intervals.

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