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Posted:  05 Aug 2011 20:05  
Does anyone have a lease contract 'go by' they're willing to share? Please?......
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 01:34  
Everyone has their own boilerplate for contracts because everyone operates in different jurisdictions where the laws differ about contract language.  You would be wise to consult an attorney about that, even if someone does give you a sample contract document to go by.  For example, you need a forfeiture clause that legally enables you to go to the client's site and repossess the merchandise should they fall behind in their lease payments.  In some states, the client may have legal rights that will prevent you from doing so, or require certain legal procedures, notifications, waiting periods, etc. before you can try to repossess YOUR goods from a delinquent client's premises.  For all these reasons and more, you need a good local attorney who specializes, or at least has significant expertise in, service contracts and leases.


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