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Posted:  19 Mar 2015 23:36  
Just wanted to see what coverage other interior landscapers have for their businesses?

How much liability?

What carriers do you all like?

Posted:  20 Mar 2015 01:14  
You might start off by consulting with your area agent who represents hort-specific carriers such as Farm Family Casualty Insurance Co. or Hortica Insurance.  These are two U. S. companies with long histories of expertise with florists, landscapers, greenhouses, nurseries and interiorscapers.

As far as "how much", it depends on your assets and exposure and also what your pickiest clients require.  Some clients ask for as much as $5M umbrella and $2M general liability, with $1M auto liability not uncommon these days (we've even had properties we don't service but rather simply make occasional deliveries to for wholesale customers of ours in NYC demand certificates of insurance for auto liability naming them as additional insureds in case our truck causes damage while sitting in their loading dock). 

That's not to say that you should simply buy the lowest possible coverage that meets the demands of your highest-limit client.  You may have significant assets to protect above and beyond the lower limits requested by most clients.

We've never been asked to become bonded, so I can't speak to that issue from experience.  Again, ask your agent or your attorney for an informed opinion. 

So talk with an expert in the field and get two opinions at a minimum.
Posted:  24 Jun 2015 09:02  
I totally agree, with the fact that it totally depends on your assets and exposure. But for all the things to be done you should take help of any expert lawyer who can guide you and keep you informed.
Posted:  24 Jun 2015 12:46  
hey lawyer marilyn, do you need some plants for your office? we are in palm beach

let me know when i can stop by

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