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Posted:  01 Feb 2014 12:47  
Hi pple

I just started a job as an interiorscape technician and I just discovered that the earlier watering prior to my employment had resulted into waterlogging. Is there a way to amend this without repotting (e.g through siphoning, et al). Thanks
Posted:  08 Feb 2014 16:26  
Depends, Mike.  If the plants are in individual pots, you can remove them from their decorative containers and let them drain to get rid of a lot of the water, but generally it's going to just take time to dry.  Hopefully that process will prevent any further root damage due to anaerobic conditions created by the waterlogging, but you may end up removing most of the old, soggy medium and repotting into fresh, sterile medium.  The toxins from the anaerobic bacteria in the old soil may do the plants in if the waterlogging itself does not.  Good luck.

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