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Posted:  17 Apr 2012 16:55  
Hi,  I am a horticulture instructor at a community college in North Carolina.  I am looking for resources and subject matter to share with my students for an interiorscape course I am teaching this fall semester. 

Johnston Community College
Smithfield, NC
Posted:  18 Apr 2012 06:59  
Check your messages on this board for my email and sample contracts
Rick Wilcox
Posted:  18 Apr 2012 15:01  
If you would like to access the archives of the original 'Scaper Talk forum sponsored by the now-defunct Interiorscape Magazine, you can go to the Wayback Machine at www.archive.org and search interiorscape.com as far back as you like.  You'll find hundreds of threads and posts on every subject imaginable that relates to this industry.


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