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Posted:  10 May 2011 22:21  
Hi all i am a NEWBIE i am located in westchester county NY I have 3 greenhouse currently just using for house plants and stuff my florist uses.  I do grow a lot of cactus does any one wherer there is a market to sell these.  I inherited them with the buisness 10 years ago.
Posted:  11 May 2011 05:50  
There are only a few cactus/succulent growers based up north (the former Desert Dan's, now called Arizona East, is a good one in Minotola, NJ), so you might be on to something there.  And the number of such producers based in Florida has also shrunk dramatically over the years.  I'm sure there are lots of good growers out west, but most of the cacti and succulents in the wholesale market in the Northeast come from Ontario, Canada.  Due to longtime government policies that subsidize greenhouse horticultural production, these growers can produce tropicals that compete on price and quality with the best that Florida, California or Texas can produce.


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