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Posted:  18 Jan 2011 20:17   Last Edited By: admin 
By now many of you have noticed that Interiorscape.com is once again up and running. The Forum is buzzing with questions, replies, comments and those who just like to read about what is going on in the industry.

A recurring question is centering around the new ownership of the website. http://www.newprocontainers.com provided the funds to purchase the Interiorscape.com domain name.

‘Scapers will be able to keep up on the latest industry news and trends and use the forum to answer questions and learn new ideas.

This industry is emerging from tough times, but by working together we can all succeed. We look forward to your comments and ideas to help improve the site.

The primary objective of this site is to remain the “GO-TO” place for all things “Interiorscape.” There will be links for relevant industry organizations.  Upcoming nationwide events will be highlighted to help you plan your trips.  Informative articles discussing current trends and issues will be a goal in the future.  The highly popular Forum will be available for you to ask questions and learn from other members’ questions.

As we are in the formative stages, we are looking for any and all suggestions to make this site a resource center that helps all members succeed in their business. Feel free to email the team at Interiorscape.com@gmail.com.[url=www.NewProContainers.com][/url]
Posted:  18 Jan 2011 20:39  
There ya' go!

Posted:  18 Jan 2011 21:39  
originally, the "About us" link said that a "handful" of interiorscapers were also involved, but it doesn't say that anymore. guess they still wish just operate behind the scenes, but still wonder why.
Posted:  18 Jan 2011 22:31  
I'll leave that to the site's new owners to clarify...can't speak for them.  However, it's a great American P. R. tradition (Hollywood-style) to float incomplete stories about yet-to-be-announced blockbusters to build interest, which they certainly did!

Anyway, now we all know, and thanks to the folks at NewPro, 'ScaperTalk lives!

Posted:  19 Jan 2011 01:36  
ok clem, so are you involved? sounds like you are responding on behalf of them
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 02:11  
need a smiley eating popcorn, while waiting for answers!
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 16:39  
Nope, I'm no longer the forum moderator, and I just found out about the ownership myself.  No prior knowledge, no involvement whatsoever, except as a registered user like the rest of you folks.  I do feel honored to be an "orchid" level member, but I guess that's because I posted so many times on the old forum.

Posted:  23 Jan 2011 04:17  
i guess no one is telling who the scaper's behind this site is and i still find that weird. what's up with that?
Posted:  23 Jan 2011 21:21  
Scroll up to the top of this thread and read the announcement again, Alex.  NewPro Containers is the owner of the site and is overseeing the site's management and direction.  They have a team of people in place who will be running the day-to-day operations, and you can contact them with your ideas and thoughts:


Posted:  23 Jan 2011 22:35  
i think you missed my point clem. when the site forst came back, the about us link said that a handful of scapers with 50 years combined experience were involved. i emailed admin asking who they were and received this responce "there are several around the country pitching in, some want to be anonymous, some don't mind so while we're in start-up mode, we're keeping a low profile until the site is operating properly"

i think it is operating properly now and would like to know who is behind it other than newpro. is anyone else still curious?
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 03:51  

I got your point totally, really!  Others were involved in various capacities at various times, from what I understand, but NewPro is now the sole owner if my info is correct. 

Posted:  24 Jan 2011 05:24  

Congratulations on your efforts to jumpstart the remorseful death of a great forum. I for one have great hopes and wishes for this effort to keep us all in touch with each other. I missed the dialogue, discussion and debate. I can see already, it still works.

Spread the word is all I have to add to this diacussion.
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 23:29  

Really great to see you here again!  I can't tell you how many times you have given me a tip or another angle of looking at a problem or job situation on this forum.  And you're right...I can also see the buzz here once again. 

Posted:  28 Jan 2011 18:18  
Yahoo! So glad this forum is back! I have missed you guys! Thank you NewPro. Was feeling a little lost and unloved for a while there.
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 00:06  
Glad you're happy...we're all happy, too!  Keep visiting, and most importantly, keep POSTING here...the pool of knowledge only grows broader and deeper with each contribution of a new angle or a fresh perspective on things!

Posted:  29 Jan 2011 02:17  
clem are you sure you are not involved with this site? you seem to be replyingg as an admin
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 03:08  
I'm sure, Alex.  I'm happy that the site is back up just as lots of other people are, people who used to post here or get info here or just browsed here to see what was going on in the biz and MISSED it while it was gone!

This is a community that was built by lots of 'scapers over the years, and we're all just glad it's back up.

Posted:  03 Feb 2011 05:48  
Posted:  17 Feb 2011 21:58  
Logging on to find Interiorscape.com closed was like a slap in the face to top off the spanking Interiorscaping was getting from the economy. What a moral booster to see that the site, along with business, is picking up again! I am so happy to have this forum back and to feel connected to everyone again!
Posted:  17 Feb 2011 22:00  
Lets make that morale booster. I got so excited I lost my ability to spell!
Posted:  18 Feb 2011 01:17  
Could be a "moral booster", too...check out the discussion titled "Wanted - Your Business".


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