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Posted:  06 Nov 2012 05:48  
Hey there people

Just found this site and thought it would be a great idea to join up and get to reading as i am starting as a indoor plant technician in two days!! I have no indoor plant experience but i have spent the last year working in plant production for a local nursery. Is there any useful tips or tricks that would help me as i get going in the industry?
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 18:35  
It will all be new for you at the start, not really much like nursery work at all.  It's been said that interiorscape service is 25% horticulture and 75% customer service, and that's probably true.  It will take you at least a year to get your bearings on each account you service, because building HVAC systems run differently from season to season and building to building.  That means plants in certain locations will dry differently at different times of year and when compared with the same plant at another facility. 

The best bet is to remember basic interior horticulture principles, such as allowing the medium to dry down enough to permit proper aeration of the roots, because root health will be your passport to success in all cases.  Also try to subirrigate plants in difficult-to-access areas, such as executive offices and conference rooms, which will ensure success and minimize replacements.  And be a cordial, cooperative, communicative, pro-active technician with your accounts, which will cultivate a healthy person-to-person business relationship with those who determine the future of your business.

Best of luck, and let us know how it's going and any issues you may need help dealing with going forward.

Posted:  03 Dec 2012 20:19  
Agree with everything Clem said.  Are you getting training from your new company? I sure hope so.  Probably the number one thing to learn is soil moisture, and how it's affected by environment (light, most importantly) and plant specie.  Your most valuable tool could well be the soil probe, because you'll need to know about the moisture level near the bottom of the pot, not just at the top.  I've started putting some quick tips on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/theficuswrangler  You might want to drop by occasionally to see if there's anything helpful for you.
Posted:  08 Dec 2012 23:03  
Hey, Wrangler (Wrangler Jane from "F Troop"?), love the outfit in your videos!  Good stuff, too.
Posted:  13 Jan 2013 05:40  
Clem, just happened to run on your comment.  Thanks a bunch. I had a client who used to call me the Ficus Wrangler, I thought I would use if if I ever needed a "handle", and so I did.  Is there a place on the site that you can request email notification of responses to threads?
Posted:  14 Jan 2013 04:10  
I don't think so, but you can click below the message box on the RSS 2.0 link and sign up for RSS feeds of postings to the forum via various services.  Check that out to see whether it works for what you're seeking.

You might try contacting the forum admin by clicking on the "contact us" link at the top of the page and suggesting that to the owner.
Posted:  24 Dec 2013 12:31  
Probably the number one thing to learn is soil moisture, and how it's affected by  light, most importantly and plant specie.
Posted:  01 Feb 2014 12:38  
Hi everyone,
I just  started a job as an interiorscape technician,and I discovered that most of the watering done before my employment had resulted in waterlogging in the soil media. Is there a way I can amend this through siphoning or any other method

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