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Posted:  12 Nov 2014 01:21  
Looking for a vendor with interior silk wall panels, mats. Not the plastic exterior boxwood type - more like an Ivy or Pothos.
Posted:  06 Feb 2015 12:36  
You can try Agro wall panels. I'm really satisfied with them.
Posted:  07 Feb 2015 16:10  
Wow.  Just a year or so ago, the greenwalls thing was being touted as a great new way to get living plants into the design of interior spaces without taking up floor space.  Now, the moribund artificial plant sector seems to have latched onto the idea, too, creating what amounts to "zombie greenwalls" of fake foliage or mosses. 

In the words of the immortal Chester A. Riley (William Bendix in "The Life of Riley"):

"What a revolting development this is!"
Posted:  10 Feb 2015 02:11  

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