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Posted:  06 Mar 2013 01:27  
Just found this forum and so many of the posts made me smile as thoughts of the past years of being in the business flashed by.  My company started in 1969, I started work there in 1979 and then bought the business in 1985.  It has been quite an adventure and still everyday there is something new to learn or some way to tweak otherwise pretty successful business practices.  I miss the Interiorscape mag which gave me a connection to others in the trade.  Looking forward to seeing what you all are doing out there.
Posted:  24 Dec 2013 12:40  
I am new here this a good forum for discussion.
Posted:  04 Dec 2015 02:03  
Me too, I just discovered this forum. And , I am excited. I have being n the interioriorscape business for a while and just recently started my own. Currently seeking advise on ways to expand my business. Any help?
Posted:  04 Dec 2015 22:38  
We have a very active Facebook group. It's private, but i'd accept you both easily. Just for industry folk.

We're also 80% done with a new print magazine, but unfortunately we can't use the Interiorscape name. The old owner is still renewing the trademark and just squatting on it even though he sold the domain to us. We don't have the rights to use the name with a print magazine.

We're trying to come up with names... Considering Modern Plantscaper. Any ideas?
Posted:  04 Dec 2015 22:40  
Here's the link to the Facebook group...


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