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Posted:  11 Jan 2011 16:27  
Pleasantly surprised to see the e-mail about the "new" Interiorscape.com forum!  Spooky that I was just thinking of it while driving in to work this morning...

Anyway, I'll check the other forums here later and see what's up.  Meanwhile, thanks, Jeff, for putting us back in business here!

Posted:  11 Jan 2011 16:48  
Major ditto to Clem. 

Jeff I don't know about the rest of the Interiorscape community, I have missed you desperately.

In West Texas, even after 30 years Interiorscaping is a foreign concept leaving me without a soul to talk to.

Thanks  for coming back!!!
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 17:52  
I am also so glad this is back.  I have learned so much from this site and was very sad to see it go.  This is great.  Thanks for putting this back up. 
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 18:08  
The site is great already and will only get better! It's great to see people like Clem contributing with his vast knowledge. I need all the help I can get!
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 19:46  
I agree, nice to see the site back up - the forum was my favorite part
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 19:49  
Thanks to all who got it back up and running. It seems our industry is so "down"...Seeing this site go away as well as the publication was a downer. This makes me happy.
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 19:51  
I agree with all, it was a welcomed surprise to have the site back. I have missed it.
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 20:37  
So happy to see you back. I cut my teeth in the biz using this site and have always considered it one of my best resources.
Bill G
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 21:05  
Whose behind this? Anyone know?
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 21:28  
Glad to be online with follow scapers! Did anyone catch the man~scaper on the bachlor program? just saying LOL...
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 22:26  
It is great to have this forum back! To those that made it happen, thank you!
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 22:49  
I hope everyone's doing well...glad we're connected again
Posted:  12 Jan 2011 17:39  
Jeff Morey had mentioned to me awhile back that he had an itch to re-invent this site because he had gotten so much feedback about everyone's disappointment at its demise a few months ago.  I know his company kept ownership of the domain, so I'm sure Jeff is still at the helm.

Nice to see everyone back!

Posted:  12 Jan 2011 21:20  
To Jeff or whoever - thanks!
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 22:26  
What's the big deal with the secrecy of who is running/owning this site?  The anonymity is a bit scary to me.  I don't want to end up presented with the next Trojan horse in my computer!

Posted:  14 Jan 2011 23:05  

No worries...all will be revealed (so I'm told) in due time.  E-mail me privately and we'll talk.

Posted:  14 Jan 2011 23:12  
Thanks, Jeff! I have missed this forum. It is one of the few affordable ways I have to stay connected to others in the industry.

Sad that my Interiorscape Magazine pile has not grown at all in recent months, but if I had to choose between the magazine and this forum, it would be this forum.

I wonder if anyone is monitoring this site as Clem did previously.

~Will Creed
Horticultural Help, NYC
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 23:53  

The new owners are certainly very involved in the day-to-day running of the site...I'm not!  I'm happy to have our little community back up and running again, though.  Good to see you here again!


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