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Posted:  04 Mar 2016 22:24  
I have added pic of my succulents. I currently have them in plastic pots. I have a small rocked area where I can place the plants. I want to keep them in pots. What type of pot should I use? (Plastic, Clay or Ceramic)

Posted:  07 Mar 2016 16:13  
Clay would be best, especially if you're burying the pots into another substrate (stone, soil, etc.).  Otherwise the surrounding fill might tend to keep the plants from draining and aerating properly, resulting in rot. 

I'm more concerned with the weak appearance of your plants, though.  These are not finished plants and really aren't ready to be put on a job with any hope of success unless it's a greenhouse or similar growing environment.  Buy fully finished plants that are even a bit overgrown for their pots and you'll have better success long-term.
Posted:  08 Mar 2016 19:39  
Thanks Clem,

Clay pots it is. You have given me a lot to think about. These plant are actually going in a small area of my patio. They were also cut from the original plant and a still growing. I was wondering if I replant them in a 8- 12 inch pot would it be to much for the plant? Or should I gradually plant them in the next size pot?
Posted:  10 Mar 2016 16:18   Last Edited By: Clem 
I'm guessing they're in 4"-5" pots now, so to kick them up into a larger pot before they've even filled out in these smaller pots would be the wrong approach.  Let them continue in these pots for awhile (maybe as long as another year or more) until the rosettes are covering the surface of the soil completely.  Then you can think about up-potting to the next size pot, generally 1-2" in diameter larger at most.  Being xerophytes, they will resent swimming around in a lot of wet soil in a too-large pot, so it's better to keep them tight in their pots.  You won't gain anything by putting undersized plants in oversized pots.  You can transfer them into clay pots of the same size now if you wish.
Posted:  14 Mar 2016 21:49  
Thanks Clem,

This is all helpful information.

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