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Posted:  25 Aug 2011 13:33  
Hi all,
I have been in landscape maintenance and construction for 28 years. I have a turf degree and would like to expand my business into interior plantscapes. Are thier any courses I should take. Finding customers is not a problem, pricing is. What kind of watering system should I purchase? Do you know of any good books to read on this subject.
Greenest Thumbs
Posted:  25 Aug 2011 16:37  
Where to begin?

You might start with an industry conference such as CalScape, which is coming up soon (this weekend) in Las Vegas.  You can meet vendors, growers and other 'scapers there and network for some good info and guidance.

You can sign up for Kathy Fediw's online magazine, I-Plants, at:

http://jfaconsultingbiz.com/training/emagazin ...

The best book on interior plant maintenance is "The Healthy Indoor Plant" by Rosemarie Rossetti and Charles C. Powell...get it at Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Indoor-Plant-Su ...

Many landscape contractors tend to bid low when they first begin to dabble in interiorscape, and that hurts not only them but the rest of the industry.  So if you make the commitment to become a professional interiorscaper, please do your due diligence before bidding on any contracts or installation projects.  You will be more profitable, and the professional image of the industry will be reinforced.  Best of luck with the new venture, and feel free to come here to ask more questions when you've done the homework.

Posted:  26 Aug 2011 12:27  
Hi Clem,
Thank you for answering my post. I have ordered the book you have suggested and looking forward to reading it. Calscape conferance is out, hurricane bearing down on New England. Pricing will be an issue but it always is.
Thanks again
Posted:  26 Aug 2011 16:46  
Have to say, you look like a landscaper!  Welcome to the club...

Posted:  26 Aug 2011 21:22  
Just saw the Kathy Fediw-Johnson is starting a "Master Minds" concept.  Might be worth looking into.  See address above.

Posted:  26 Aug 2011 21:54  
You've got the green T shirt anyhow!

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