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Posted:  03 Dec 2014 00:11  
I'm working on college classes for Interior Landscaping and I have to write a paper about the job but there are some questions they want that I'm not able to answer. Please help. The questions that I can't find answers to are-
Benefits of that occupation?
Potential Challenges?
Opportunities for advancement?
Occupational hazards?
Also does anyone know of Local and regional opportunities in Oregon? (Preferably near Salem but anywhere in Oregon will do.)
Please and Thank you.
Posted:  03 Dec 2014 06:02  
Benefits: a career doing something you enjoy as a hobby; interaction with all kinds of people; diverse work environments; ability to see results of your work in realtime; feeling of accomplishment in helping to beautify public and private spaces; close contact with living plants can induce a feeling of well-being.

Potential challenges: difficult people/clients; working alone all day can be lonesome/boring for some techs; working around time constraints, such as rigid schedules/routes, holidays, adverse weather conditions making travel difficult; lack of control of the source of plant materials put under your care; lack of control of responsiveness of management to your requests for support (client management, requests for plant replacements, etc.); loss of work due to competitors.

Opportunities for advancement: can be limited in smaller firms; possibility to become a salesperson, designer, installer, technician, supervisor, manager; potential to start own business based on knowledge/experience gained as employee. 

Occupational hazards: skin allergies; fatigue from walking/standing/stooping/reaching/driving distances in traffic; falls from ladders; injuries from cutting tools, sharp edges on containers, etc.; risk of infections from contact with numerous people during the course of a workday (colds, flu, etc.); "burnout" from repetitive routine; repetitive stress injury from using pruners/shears.

No idea about opportunities in Oregon, but I'm sure that with all the high tech companies in that region, there should be plenty!  Good luck!
Posted:  04 Dec 2014 00:19  
Thank you so very much! This was very helpful!

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