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Posted:  20 Sep 2013 05:24  
Hello everyone. My name is Hernan and I am new to this forum. I have been working in interior plant maintenance  for about 5 years now and am looking to start my own business. Does anyone know what business license requirements are needed and what type of insurance I need to do my own jobs? Also, how does pesticide applications work in this field? The only type of pest control I've used has been horticultural oils such as neem oil, and insecticides soaps through what the company has given me. Do I need to have a pesticide license for this? I really would appreciate any help or information. Thank you very much
Posted:  20 Sep 2013 15:30  
Not sure about California's specific business licensing protocols, but I'm sure you need to be licensed, as does your company, to apply ANY pesticide.  Anything with an EPA registration number on its label is a registered pesticide, and any product that does NOT have such a registration is NOT legally a pesticide (unless it's listed on the FIFRA Exempt Substances registry).  You probably also need specific pesticide insurance coverage for your company if you apply pesticides commercially.  Your state environmental protection agency can fill you in on all the requirements, costs, etc.

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