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Posted:  15 Oct 2013 01:46  
Hello All!

I am seeking to jump into the Interiorscape Industry with somewhat of a different professional background. I've held corporate jobs, sales jobs, etc... I've now been volunteering for 2 years on weekends tending to tropical plants and going to school at night for horticulture. However, even though I respect outdoor horticulture, it is interior plants that truly excite me.

Any advice (besides don't do it) ? I'm not expecting to make Mark Zuckerberg money or conquer the industry in a year. I just want some solid advice for someone in their early 30's who really wants to give it their all towards this passion.

Thanks in advance!
Posted:  15 Oct 2013 15:35  
It can be a great career...diverse, because you can do sales, installations, maintenance, etc. or any one of or combination of the above.  It's different every day, even when it's the same (veterans will know what I'm talking about), and it can be physically demanding, too.

Do you think you will eventually want to own your own business?  Are you more sales-oriented, or do you like the plant end of the business better now that you've had a little experience tending to them?

I would take a technician/installer job with an interiorscape firm in your area for a year or so to learn the commercial side of the field, then decide where you'd like to take it.  Good luck!
Posted:  17 Oct 2013 04:50  
Thanks Clem!

Ideally I would like to own my own business in the future. Sales don't bother me, but the plant end interests me more.

I've been searching around my area for a good point of entry, alas with no luck.
Posted:  17 Oct 2013 23:27  
Message me privately and I'll see what I can do to help.

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