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Posted:  09 Jul 2012 19:26  
Does anyone know of a line of leather-wrapped planters?
Posted:  09 Jul 2012 20:01  
I Googled "leather planter" and came up with quite a few hits, but none from any industry suppliers I could identify.  But if you're willing to pay retail, there are some on the web for sale.  I think there used to be a manufacturer of hydroponic planters based in Europe that carried a line of leather-upholstered planters, as well as wood-veneered models, that were pretty sharp-looking...they were called "Hobby Flower" and the last mention of them on the web searches I did came up with this 2008 catalog:

http://www.ideaverde-bg.com/images/uploads/fi ...

All that gibberish after "files/" is actually in Russian or some sort of Eastern European characters.  You can see that they were probably a bit ahead of their time, but as I recall from the printed material they sent me and conversations with the sales rep here, their stuff was first-rate and very stylish for the times.  The 2008 catalog is virtually unchanged from the one I had many years before, so maybe they just never evolved with the changing marketplace.

Posted:  09 Jul 2012 20:06  
They are actually still in business, based in Spain, but here's a working link to their active website, which includes their "Cuir" line of leather-wrapped hydro planters:


Happy shopping!

Posted:  09 Jul 2012 20:21  
I have purchased some of the wood planters from there in the past and was happy with their product, albeit pricey.  ChemSupply used to rep them in the U.S., but I don't think that they do anymore.  You can always ask!

Posted:  09 Jul 2012 20:27  
The amazing factoid I recall from their old catalog was that the reservoir for the hydroponic unit only needed refilling every FOUR MONTHS!  I could retire (partially)!

Posted:  09 Jul 2012 21:37  
Thanks Clem & Julie!
I checked with Chem Supply and they no longer rep Hobby Flower.
They do have a nice line of planters...but it wouldn't warrant the time and confusion that come with buying from Europe (we've tried that with Plants First Choice). We need a wider variety of US made planters with more architectural appeal...without 14 week lead-times!!!
Posted:  09 Jul 2012 23:31  
Maybe look for a local crafter who could custom-cover the container shapes of your choice with leather yard goods.  It might actually be cost-effective, given the hassles and cost of importing or dealing with an importer.

Posted:  10 Jul 2012 19:08  
Surprisingly, when I ordered them years ago (directly from Spain), it was not as difficult as one would think.  Once you remembered to factor in the time difference and could get past the somewhat broken English, they were very nice people.  They put the bill on my Amex and I got them with no trouble...for what it is worth.

Posted:  11 Jul 2012 02:34  

How did the nuts and bolts of the hydroponic system work out for your techs?  There aren't many hydroponic interiorscape firms working out there these days, so I'm curious about the practical outcome of using the planters long-term.

Posted:  11 Jul 2012 15:18  

Just used them as planters (residential).  Sorry, never used the hydroponic part.


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