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Posted:  07 Nov 2011 14:15  
I would like to introduce myself as a new person into this forum as well as being relatively new into the Interiorscape arena. My name is Guy Richardson and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, but moved here from Orlando, Florida in 1999. I have a part time landscape design business (Four Seasons Landscape and Interiorscape Designs), which has been doing very good  over the last two years. I did a few small interiorscape jobs for a few dental offices last year and it was well received. I just loved the immediate impact it had on the office staff and the clients too as they come in for their appointments. The staff and dentists got a lot of positive comments as to how  it had such a calming affect: Just what a dentist office wants to hear!

After a very busy year of design work coming to a slowdown, I am now ready to expand the interiorscape capability and have begun so by attacking the business plan, getting numbers and stats with the help of Business Canada. I am currently looking for space to work out of as my home will simply not take on any more plants - neither will my wife! So in order to expand and do this right, I need a lighted workspace that is heated and a clean environment to assist with keeping healthy plants. I have considered to approach a few nurseries in town for renting space as well.
I have downloaded template contracts (www.horticapublications.com/Contracts-3.htm), which was well worth it to me, and will have a lawyer tailor them to our provincial laws. I have also purchased a few online courses from Kathy Fediw who has the I-Plants eMagazine - time well spent here I assure you (www.jfaconsultingbiz.com)These course will assist me in some areas I have already experienced issues dealing with that could hurt in this business. The economy is weak, which doesn't lend itself to many mistakes in this type of business - especially when we are trying to show all the positive reasons to utilize plants in there surroundings. The last thing we need to do is deal clients complaining of bothersome gnats floating about their faces.
I have bought several books over the last few years too along with constant reading online and seeing what other large businesses are doing from their websites.
There are not many in our region doing this, so I have to look outside for contacting with inquiries - always being mindful and respectful of their limited time too.
I plan on going to trade shows as well such as the "HortEast Conference and Trade Show (www.horteast.ns.ca/)in Moncon, NB on the Nov 21st and other trade shows that would have interiorscaping events / workshops.
My biggest challenge is getting the correct and real  numbers for this business plan to work; the numbers will be your friend and they don't lie provided that the correct numbers were obtained.
I look forward to chatting with like minded people who really love to work in this field with passion.
Guy Richardson
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 22:05  
Hello, Guy! I'm also new and was browsing through other introductions and noticed nobody welcomed you, so I thought I would! Welcome!
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 04:14  
Hey Guy,
I am from the Bahamas just started interiorscaping as well, just joined the website, its good to see you that your ready to expand. You have the right attitude keep it up and it will pay off, good luck to you and your business!
Posted:  24 Feb 2012 01:12  
Welcome to all of you to a fantastic industry. I have been in Interiorscapes since 1980 and still love it. Guy, not sure where you are exactely in Canada but if you are close to Ontario look up Landscape Ontario. It is a group up there who do both interior and exterior. Good luck
Posted:  24 Feb 2012 03:42  
@ kentia - He told you where he was... Prince Edward Island.
Posted:  24 Feb 2012 15:09   Last Edited By: GuyRichardson 
I wanted to thank you all for your posts ... I haven't been in here in several weeks and I just came on now.

Note: In January, I joined Landscape New Brunswick [New Brunswick Horticultural Trades Association (NBHTA)]. This will also reduce the costs of study material for the Interiorscape certification.

FYI: Found at the PLANET site...http://www.landcarenetwork.org/ Look for Bookstore (top right) then Certifications (Left side)

"Study Materials for Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician Exam (formerly CLT-I)"

Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician Training Materials
Code: SET-0021
Your Price: $775.00
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Again - thank you all and I look forward to posting with you all !!!

Prince Edward Island

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